Inspire Mobility, Empower Freedom.

Many people arrive to physical therapy with individual needs.  Let Pacrav Physical Therapy develop a personalized plan of care to manage your musculoskeletal needs within an intimate, one-on-one care environment.  Together we will work to achieve your goals.

Manual Therapy
Employing hands on principles targeting the joints, muscles, and soft tissue of the body to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and restore function. Matthew has been trained to utilize the most advanced techniques to assess the body’s restrictions and source of pain in order to restore it to optimal function.

Movement Re-education
Retraining the body’s ability to complete functional and athletic activities in a more efficient manner. Matthew focuses on the science of observing deficits and relating them to reduced strength and control in order to make the individual more efficient and safe.

Therapeutic Exercise
Designing an individualized exercise program focused on the patient’s needs in order to augment the clinical work.

Motion Analysis
Combining the science of physical therapy with technology to capture actual movement patterns of patient’s walking, running, jogging, and climbing stairs. By comparing these movements with established values, Matthew will be able to remove deficits to improve quality of motion while reducing the risk of injury via manual therapy, movement re-education, and therapeutic exercises.

Assisting with the management of pain through strategies that include: ice, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and infrared technologies.

Ergonomic Assessment
Scientific approach of evaluating a patient’s work station to reduce the risk of injury and improve comfort.

Virtual Consultation
Providing physical therapy assessment to the patient through video conferencing. These 30 minute sessions include a patient interview, a movement screen, and management recommendations.